Become a Member 

What does it mean to be a member of CVH Power?

Being a member of CVH Power means you are supporting the work of the organization to fight for New York’s poor and working class families. You will be invited to join us in this fight by participating in trainings and public events, on lobbying trips and direct actions.

CVH Power’s issues include those that affect low-income families and their communities.  We will fight for the maintenance and expansion of the social safety net, for the preservation and improvement of public and affordable housing options, for the creation of living wage jobs and the workforce development system to help people access these, for equity in the tax structure and shifted governmental spending priorities so that critical programs are sustained, and more.

Does membership expire?

CVH Power membership is based on the calendar year. On December 31 of each year, your membership will expire and you will need to renew for the following year. You can renew your membership in advance by paying in November and December for the coming year’s membership.

What happens if my membership expires?
CVH Power membership expires at the end of each calendar year.  If your membership expires because you haven’t paid your dues, you have until the last day of February to renew and if you don’t renew by then, your membership will fully expire.

How much are membership dues?

We encourage CVH Power members to contribute beyond the suggested dues amount, if they are able to.