Thank You to Organizations that Endorsed our Anti-WEP Legislation!

June 30, 2014

Dear Endorsing Organization:

As you know, the state legislative session recently came to a close.  Thank you for your help in the fight to pass legislation to prohibit Work Experience Programs in New York State (A7119A/ S5120A).

While we were not successful in passing the law this year, we did make significant progress.  The bill made it through the Assembly Social Services Committee and into the Ways and Means Committee.  On the Senate side, the bill got to the Agenda in the Social Services Committee.

We will keep fighting.  Many bills have taken five years or more to pass.  We will be preparing over the next several months to put up an even stronger fight in Albany.

Thank you for all you did to help.  We will move forward to victory with your continued support.

Thank you,

Jennifer Hadlock, Welfare/ Workforce Organizer

John Medina, CVH Board Member / CVH Power Member-Leader